Saturday, 6 April 2013

Spring Fashion + Random Wish List

Hiya Guys, after my last post being my beauty wishlist for spring i thought i would put together a fashion wishlist for spring with a few extra random items that i would love to own, so hope you enjoy...!

1- Zara Office City Handbag in Black- Know i have seen that many bloggers and you tuber's have jumped on the bandwagon when it comes to this bag including Zoella, Viviannadoesmakeup and MoreeMilk and this was how i first found out about the bag as Zara isn't usually a store that i would look in. This bag has various compartments including a padded pocket for a laptop and one for a Ipad (similar device) and even though i don't usually carry my laptop around with me all of the compartments would be very hardy for travelling. This bag comes in both black and brown and is £49.99 which isn't usually a price i would be willing to pay for a handbag but this looks like a classic piece that would come in handy and is a very good dupe for the Chanel Executive Tote.

2- Black bowler hat- when i was browsing the shops the other day i stumbled across a black bowler hat in Topshop and after trying it on i really loved the style of them and i think it would be a classic piece like the bag that would never go out of fashion. The one i tried on was £25 and personally i think that is alot to pay so i browsed around one line and was able to find one on Miss Guided for only £12.99 and looks very similar to the Topshop one.
3- Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses- Now i know that i will probably not be able to justify the £100+ price mark on these lovely's, but i am out to find a pair with a similar style to these!.- Sunglasses-Shop !

4- Ted Baker Purse- And something that would go lovely inside that Zara bag would be a gorgeous Ted Baker Purse, there are a few different colour's that i like but i thought the pink was so lovely and these purses are great for having compartments and i really do like my purse to be organised! but again as it is Ted Baker this purse is on the pricier side at £75 but again keeping my eyes out for anything similar or a good sale!
5- Ted Baker Bow Make-Up Bag- Know i am very happy with my Glitzy Glam make up bag but when i saw this one i thought it was lovely and wanted to include it in my wishlist! like the purse this is on the pricier side at £25, but i just love the bow!

1- Ipad Mini- After being on my dad's Ipad and really loving it and at first when i saw they were releasing a mini version i want really too interested in it, but after viewing my friends mini Ipad i realized how compact it was and would fit lovely into a handbag and is more handheld. This new gadget starts at a cost of £269 and i would really like it in the white colour, so this maybe something that goes on my Christmas or birthday wishlist ?
2- Purple Gummy Earphones- Now i have had a pair of Gummy earphones before and was happy with them but my trusty pink pair have seen better days with one of them not working so i think it is about time to get a new pair and they only cost £5 in Asda or are sometimes on offer for like 2 for £8 if im not mistaken.

Please let my know whats on 
your wishlist this Spring! 
Thankyou for reading!

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